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Phenomenal accuracy.

In the World Series of Darts against Joe Cullen, Scotsman Gary Anderson completed one of the rounds with the fewest possible shots.

Twice the athlete knocked out 180 points, hitting triple 20 three times, and in the last series he sent the dart to triple 20, triple 19 and double 12, which delighted the spectators of the match and his opponent.

  • Andreson won the match with a score of 19:17.
  • Gary is ranked fourth in the world rankings.


7 facts about old snooker men and 2018 World Cup finalists.

On May 7, the oldest final of the World Snooker Championship in 43 years was held. In total, Mark Williams and John Higgins were two weeks old at 86 (Higgins’s birthday is May 18). Despite this, the decisive match was very dramatic. By the 22nd frame, Williams was driving his opponent on the felt 14: 7, but John made a fantastic comeback and took eight frames out of nine.

Williams got rid of his nerves and, with Welsh composure, brought the streak to victory, taking 18 games. Higgins reached the final for the second time in a row and lost again, gaining the same 15 points. The old men did not disappoint.


More and more money is brewed in snooker every year. At the last World Championships, Mark Selby received 425 thousand euros and also broke the record for prize money. Already at the 2018 World Cup, Williams took 483 thousand euros , the next winner will probably break the mark of half a million.

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World Cup 2020 DARTS: a lady DESTROYED MEN FOR the primary time – FALLON SHERROK

Such equality of the sexes, as at the planet Darts Championship, is welcome to everyone.Darts may be a nostalgic and pleasant phenomenon: within the 00s, 7TV gave us unforgettable emotions from this easy and understandable sport. “HUNDRED EIGHTY POINTS” – does one remember this gorgeous exclamation?

At that point, Phil Taylor, nicknamed the facility, was lighting the car. He destroyed everyone and everything to the delight of British fans and won 14 world titles. But within the 2018 World Cup final, he smashed into tour rookie Rob Cross and ended his career. subsequent major tournament of the year has already begun another milestone in history – without Phil, but with girls: The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) for the primary time allowed women to enter the planet Cup on a permanent basis. Now two girls can compete at the PDC Main Event of the Year.For all previous events, only two darts players played with the men: back in 2001, Gail King flew in within the first round and deserved to vary her surname to Queen, and in 2009 Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova got her wild card – an equivalent drain within the first round without much chance. Last year, an equivalent Dobromyslova and Lisa Ashton showed up as official qualifiers, who got their pockets within the first round and visited train further.The 2020 World Cup provided us with two other heroines: Japanese Mikuru Suzuki and English Fallon Sherrock. the primary bit with James Richardson, but lost 2-3 within the series up to three sets. But Fallon Sherrock is already a phenomenon.Or fenovumen – is it now accepted? generally, a legend. The 26-year-old girl took and from the very first time banged as many as two men ahead of the large audience of the Alexandra Palace Center in London. The fans who came on the day of Fallon’s first match just exploded after the last double 18 from British and gave the planetone among the brightest reactions of the year. this type of return can only be obtained if you cover 501 points in 9 darts. Or if you’rea lady and make history. Enjoy.

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About the first NSO championship and the Winmau Blade 5 target

So, let’s start an ode to the Darts.Ru store. And sing praises to him. On December 7, 2016, a new model of the target came to me for testing from this store out of old memory; namely, Winmau Blade 5. By that time, due to an irresistible complex of reasons, the tester had not thrown darts at the target for a long time.

And since the target had already come for testing, then a strong-willed decision was made – well, very quickly test the received copy, fail the first official NSO champion in mid-April 2017 with a bang and shame, calm down already on this topic, and finally hang the darts on a nail. A little more than 4 calendar months for this wonderful plan was; and he failed a little.
By the end of January, everything was going according to plan – the selection for the SibFO championship was completely lost on business. First, completely on the case, he flew into the 1st rating number of Novosibirsk 1: 6, and then with the 3rd rating number at that time they played giveaways, and it all ended with the fact that when the score was 3: 5, the tester closed 170 – and that’s this. I still don’t know how to quickly come to my senses after such emotional bombs and return to the game; leaked the match with a score of 4: 6 (which was losing 1: 5), and with it the selection at the Siberian Federal District. In the same place I won against the 2nd rating (6: 2) and the 4th (6: 1) – but this was no longer interesting to anyone, except for themselves and the tester.
Since mid-February, I have increased the already rather large training load (and the load on the test target) to the level where the throwing hand was actually on the verge of injury from overload every day – and so for a month and a half, 6 days a week. 2 weeks before the championship of the NSO, a smooth decline in the training load, 3 days before the championship – complete rest, relaxation and doing nothing at all; and don’t look at the target at all, and darts – lock with a key, and lose the key.
In general, I did not understand whether it was an experimental training method that worked, or some other input factors intervened.

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 For his sake, she will soften her career in porn. Mikaela Spielberg will only be filming solo.

The 23-year-old adopted daughter of director Steven Spielberg, Michaela, is set to pursue a career in the porn business.

According to The Sun, Michaela has already posted several videos on Pornhub, but later deleted them: the girl wants to get a sex worker’s license first, so that everything is “as legal as possible.”

At the same time, Michaela noted that she would only shoot solo videos so as not to upset her boyfriend, a professional darts player Chuck Pankov. He currently participates in the British Darts Organization tournaments.

The daughter of the great director explained her desire to act in porn as follows: “I chose this path not because I want to annoy or offend someone. I want to pay homage to my body and make it bring me money. “

The British Darts Organization is one of two darts organizations in the UK (along with the Professional Darts Corporation).

Each organization holds its own world championship – this happened as a result of a split in darts that occurred in the early 1990s.

Steven Spielberg is the director of the popular films Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park and others.

Englishwoman Fallon Sherrock, who became a sensation at the World Darts Championship, took part in the exhibition tournament – Celebrity Darts World Cup.

The famous Italian ex-footballer Luca Toni, a striker who played for Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, Palermo and several other clubs, played together with Fallon. In addition, Luca became the world champion in the Italian national team.

Sherrock and Tony went through the first round and then were eliminated by a pair of Michael van Gerwen (he is the number one ranking in world darts) and the famous German handball player Pascal Hens. It was Van Gerwen and Hens who won the Celebrity Darts World Cup.

Scotsman Peter Wright became the winner of the 2020 World Darts Championship. In the final, he beat Van Gerwen 7-3.

The winner of the World Championship received a prize of 500 thousand pounds, the finalist – 200 thousand.

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Guide darts throwing techniques to train the body, dispel fatigue

Darts are the most popular sport among the office workers and students. Because darts help dispel fatigue after a stressful working day, studying.
Darts are the most popular sport among the office workers and students. Because darts help dispel fatigue after a stressful working day, studying. Players use techniques and judgment to throw the darts at the target. There is no need for a spacious practice place, moving long distances, but only a few darts with a round scoreboard can be practiced with friends and colleagues. In addition, throwing darts also has a relaxing effect to soothe muscles in the shoulder and neck area, eye fatigue, and wrists.

Instructions on how to handle, throw darts for beginners
How to hold the darts:
The darts are placed neatly in the palm of the hand with 4 fingers stretched, the thumb holding the dart in a fixed position. The pointy tip can be pointed out towards the fingertips or facing the wrist. If you want to aim at close range, let the tip stick out from the fingertips more and vice versa, you hold the dart with a low point when you want to throw away.
How to choose the target to throw darts:
Beginners should choose pieces of 4-5cm thick boards, 1-1.2m long, and stick together with 2 diagonal wooden pieces on the back two sides. Choose pine woods because they are soft enough for practice. The tree stump, the wooden wall of the abandoned house … can all be turned into a target, as long as the dart is plugged in. If you want, you can paint concentric rings on the wood to practice.

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In 2016, “King of Darts” Michael Van Gerwen set a super record

King of dart hit hit: Super record “challenge humanity”.
(Sports news) In 2016, “King of Darts” Michael Van Gerwen set a super record. In the 2016 Premier League match against Michael Smith, Gerwen scored an average score of 123.40. This is the highest score of a televised dart match in history. The throws of the current number 1 athlete in the world make opponents and spectators admire.

It was known that it was difficult to score such a high average score, and furthermore since it was a game, pitchers were only focused on defeating their opponents rather than setting records.
The general format of darts is as follows: each hand throws 501 points and will be subtracted until the first one wins.
Each round has 3 gallows and the highest score that can be scored is 60 / turn. It turns out that pitchers can score up to 180 points in a single round. But this is not easy, because just throw a shot, next to 60 will be very low score squares like 1, 3, 5, 15, 20 …
Terrible “King of darts”: Lower hundreds of masters to dominate the galaxy
At the beginning of 2019, “The King of Darts” Michael van Gerwen showed absolute strength.
The current dart board is not really optimal
According to Kendall, the dart board is currently quite beneficial for amateurs, he suggests another arrangement: 20, 1, 19, 3, 17, 5, 15, 7, 13, 9, 11, 10, 12, 8, 14, 6, 16, 4, 18, 2.
This arrangement will maximize the tradeoffs when targeting large numbers. For example, targeting 19 now might fall at 1 or 3.

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Show you how to bet on darts

The game of throwing darts is a sport that is similar to online football betting networks because it is quite familiar to everyone. For the majority of people in Vietnam, the darts are just heard, but very few people can enjoy themselves participating in such sport.

Was conceived in the early XIV century and has its roots in many soldiers in England. Until now, about darts is well known around the world and has also been brought into a kind of entertainment game for many people. In order to increase the attraction, it is indispensable to bet on this darts game. So at the reputable online dealer they are also very eager to show you how to play about this darts betting.
Being born very early and becoming a favorite sport of many people quite popular in the Olympics of the world
Darts have always attracted the more they have followed around the world. In order to be able to win more and bring more super profits for yourself from this darts game, first of all we need to learn how to play betting this darts game.
The game of throwing darts is a sport that is similar to online football betting networks because it is quite familiar to everyone. For the majority of people in Vietnam, the darts are just heard, but very few people can enjoy themselves participating in such sport.

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King of concession darts hit a record

The Idaho man set a Guinness world record when he hit 24 shots in 1 minute.An Idaho man broke his own Guinness record by shooting 24 shots from one Nerf gun on a target in 1 minute.David Rush, who has broken quite 150 Guinness records to market STEM education, continues to impress by setting a record within the dart shooting category. David Rush first set a dart shot record in 2018 when he achieved 16 shots.

Up to now, the person from Idaho, USA continues to overcome and successfully establish a replacement category during this category. Within 1 minute, David Rush hit his target 24 times.In his own experience, David Rush revealed that moving too fast can cause the darts to bend, affecting accuracy.Within 1 minute, David Rush fired 27 darts but one dart missed the target and two other darts hit the target but bounced on other darts. He completed his latest attempt with 24 hits.David Rush may be a rare man globally who holds quite 150 Guinness world records and he has no plans to prevent. As an educator, he worked hard to thicken his Guinness record collection with the aim of promoting STEM education.

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Revealing the key to be successful in darts throwing game

With this secret, the winning rate of “dreamers” has increased significantly within the game of throwing darts.Have you ever played darts? It is a game where you will have to throw dedicated darts onto the board to attain. The overall score of the sport is shown within the table below.There are many variations of the sport, but the foremost popular game during this game is that the “501 rule”: the player gets 501 points, then throws the darts to subtract the points.

The person with the score 0 with the smallest amount number of throws wins. Note: the player will need to calculate in order that the subtracted score “exactly” returns to 0, and therefore the final darts must fall within the double range.However, controlling the darts at will isn’t easy. Professional players can win this game over 9 turns (the lowest number of turns), while “dreamer” is impossible.However, consistent with a study by Professor Graham Kendall – a mathematician at the University of Nottingham (UK), a “dreamer” can still cash in of it as a plus, if you follow the strategy below.Specifically, consistent with the professor, a dart board is split into 20 equal intervals, with 2 rings of the middle within the middle, with 2 circles representing the two and three times. Because about 20 VND is that the place for the very best score.Sorting scores is additionally very scientific when arranging high scores next to low scores. So just a little mistake costs big points. for instance, aim at 20 points and miss, the number of points you get will only be 1 or 5 points.Next »

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DARTS – Interesting and useful (Part 02)

Dart can be flat body, round body, triangle or hexagonal, with rough texture to avoid slippery. It can be copper, copper mixed with zinc, cost about $ 5- $ 15 / piece; silver mixed zinc (hard, clenched), price from $ 10- $ 30 / piece; Tungsten, a very hard alloy for the filament of a round bulb, gives the launcher a high precision, average price $ 50 / piece.

Normally, each player is launched 9 times to warm up. In the test launch, the launcher closest to the bull’s eye will gain the right to go first, then alternately launch each of them 3 shots. The darts must stay on the board for at least 5 seconds to count. In case of launching the darts behind the back darts, they are considered discarded, no points will be counted.
There are two commonly used competition genres, “301” and “Cricket”. “301” is the starting score, after each launch, the score is deducted until the first 0 points wins. The interesting thing is that the player must calculate which square or round to get the subtracted score must be exactly 0.
The “Cricket” genre requires players to be more technical, with only 15-20 points allowed, especially the rules of bull’s eyes.
Some of the techniques revealed by the professional secret weapons include:

  • Aim for the tail of the dart to align itself with the destination.
  • Relax, not too tense, loose hands, don’t hold darts too tightly.
  • Use at least 3 fingers to hold the darts, the more contact with more fingers, the more sensitive the sense of darts.
  • The longer the dart body, the more accurate.
  • Stretch fingers loose for flexibility in holding and launching. The tighter the finger muscle, the lower the accuracy.