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About the first NSO championship and the Winmau Blade 5 target

So, let’s start an ode to the Darts.Ru store. And sing praises to him. On December 7, 2016, a new model of the target came to me for testing from this store out of old memory; namely, Winmau Blade 5. By that time, due to an irresistible complex of reasons, the tester had not thrown darts at the target for a long time.

And since the target had already come for testing, then a strong-willed decision was made – well, very quickly test the received copy, fail the first official NSO champion in mid-April 2017 with a bang and shame, calm down already on this topic, and finally hang the darts on a nail. A little more than 4 calendar months for this wonderful plan was; and he failed a little.
By the end of January, everything was going according to plan – the selection for the SibFO championship was completely lost on business. First, completely on the case, he flew into the 1st rating number of Novosibirsk 1: 6, and then with the 3rd rating number at that time they played giveaways, and it all ended with the fact that when the score was 3: 5, the tester closed 170 – and that’s this. I still don’t know how to quickly come to my senses after such emotional bombs and return to the game; leaked the match with a score of 4: 6 (which was losing 1: 5), and with it the selection at the Siberian Federal District. In the same place I won against the 2nd rating (6: 2) and the 4th (6: 1) – but this was no longer interesting to anyone, except for themselves and the tester.
Since mid-February, I have increased the already rather large training load (and the load on the test target) to the level where the throwing hand was actually on the verge of injury from overload every day – and so for a month and a half, 6 days a week. 2 weeks before the championship of the NSO, a smooth decline in the training load, 3 days before the championship – complete rest, relaxation and doing nothing at all; and don’t look at the target at all, and darts – lock with a key, and lose the key.
In general, I did not understand whether it was an experimental training method that worked, or some other input factors intervened.