Darts was firstly appeared as a game in small pubs and bars for entertaining people. Nowadays it has became a professional sports which is recognized worldwide and played in different professional tournaments as well as championship. There are 2 players in each round of darts. Each player would take their turns to throw the arrow-shaped medal darts into the dartboard to score points. 

The dartboard is hung at the distance of around 1.73 m away from the players. while at the height of 1.73 m to the centre bullseye. There are 20 sections being divided in total with the scores being ranged representatively from one to 20.

Throughout the dart history, the game started gaining popularity since the year of 1924, the year in which The National Darts Association was founded. At the present, the game has successfully have 50 million players involved and quickly draw more spotlight and gain more popularity. According to recent collected data, darts is most played and developed in the United Kingdom and the United State of America. There are over 17 million people playing darts in US nowadays. However, despite this huge amount of players’ number, it is the United Kingdom and the European Countries that dominated the run of darts’ development.  Apart from these similar names, throughout the years, there have been some nations such as NetherLands, Belgium, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Japan and Russia in which some world’s greatest darters were born. They have been considered as the most successful countries in nurturing and qualifying darters. 

Darts in the United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, the game of darts is developed to become a professional sports and appeals a large number of addictive fans. There are some remarkable names of UK darters who are Rob Cross, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney.

Darts news


The idea that being withdrawn from the tournament because of poor wifi connection, which only happened in Esports previously, nowadays, has also appeared on the traditional ones while they are turned into visual tournaments due to Covid-19.

The first one who had to experience this weird, unpleasing and terrible experience is Gary Anderson, the darter who used to earn 2 world championship titles in darting. He was considered to be the top 1 candidate for being the champion of this year tournament, however, Gary recently decided to withdraw from the tournament because of… his unstable wifi connection.

Daryl Gurney, another greatly experienced player in the international darting field who is as renowned as Anderson, also just announced to not take part in the PDC tournament this year with the same reason. 

“I really want to take part in the tournament, however, it seems to be impossible at this point. After 1 simple test organized recently, my private wifi connection was not strong and well-qualified enough for the competition.” Anderson shared on his Twitter account. “Actually, this did not really surprise me. I even could not pay all the online bills of myself.”

According to Anderson, the internet on his house is really unstable and has unbelievably low speed (around 4,7 Mbps), even though he is now living in the center of London, while the average speed of good wifi connection must be 27,35 Mbps.

PDC is the first international tournament being held online. During the outbreak and large spreading of Covid-19, PDC Organization Department claimed that this may actually a good time for applying many technical achievement into this kind of sports. Every competing rules of the virtual PDC tournament are maintained as the traditional tournament.

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Jamie Lewis impressively became the winner in the first team round of PDC Home Tour in the recent Friday. This Wales darter was the first one in the tournament to successfully defeat the current worldwide darter champions Peter Wright and Niels Zonneveld, and also the first one who is qualified enough to take part in the second stage of this online virtual darting tournament.

Lewis came up with a failure when facing Zonneveld with the score of 3-5 in the first round, however, he soon succeeded in pulling himself together to quickly defeated Wright with the score of 5-1 and to Peter Jacques with the score of 5-4. He ended up just like Wright – Scot won over Jacques (5-4) and Zonneveld (5-1), however, Lewis has better point balance.

The opening night did not turn out to be great. To connect the players, many webcams were set up to record every movement of the darts, however, sometimes, it was hard to figure out where the dart came to and from as it was totally on screen. It was obviously that sometimes the results were depended on the report of players.

During the competition between Wright-Lewis and Zonneveld-Wright, the connection was even interrupted and totally lost in a few minutes. All went black before the webcams were reset.

The final result of Group 1

  • 1. Jamie Lewis 3-4 (+3)
  • 2. Peter Wright 3-4 (+1)
  • 3. Peter Jacques 3-2 (+1)
  • 4. Niels Zonneveld 3-2 (-5)

Will Wright still be on the tournament?

Wright might not be expelled from Home Tour as a replacement during the outbreak of coronavirus. He can come back with darting tournaments in a few weeks ahead, as it was not right that all 128 players had signed up with PDC.

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Before these 2 important matches, Phil Taylor was in need of 2 successfully performances with the viewing to win over Fallon Sherrock and Martin Adams. Therefore, he would make the guest appearance at the MODUS A Night At The Darts.

The legendary Power has been executed online for 2 weeks and attracted quite a lot online spectators. In this online tournament, there would be 6 permanent players competing for each week. These 6 competitors would compete in a round robin format to find the most excellent winner. Phil Taylor, once again, approved himself to be the best darter, who has the ability of producing the goods with the final overall score of 96.8 points just after 5 matches.

Even during the first opening match in which Phil Taylor had to compete with the Dutch star Wessel Nijman, a prestigious darter with a lot of titles like 16-time world champion, he still succeeded to pull himself together to make it come true. 

Phil Taylor fell into 2 disappointments coming either side of a 4-0 thrashing of Michael Warburton with the help of a 97 average. However, in the end, he was effectively pulling himself together to make it come true.

The elder among 2 legendary darters, Adams, led the game with 2-0 in score and checkouts of 153 and 121 checkouts only for Taylor 

The next competitor coming up on the darting route of the 59-year-old Queen of the Palace, 

Previously, Sherrock soon defeated Michael Warburton and followed this defeat to Taylor by throwing a 160 checkout to seal a stunning 5-2 triumph against Wessel Nijman.

The Milton Keynes star then made it six points from eight on the night by taking out 152 and 140 in a superb 5-1 thrashing of Wolfie.

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The Covid-19 is now making a huge impact on many people’s aspects of life, including sports. Just after a short period of 1 month, there have been a great number of sports events being postponed and have not been planned to come back due to the spread of the coronavirus.

However, it is rarely known to most of people that in some magical corner of the sports world, there have still existed a field where all sports activities are still carrying on as normal without being badly affected by strict social distancing rules.

The sports that we are mentioning here is darts..

Every darters wants to keep playing darts and darts spectators want to keep enjoying professional plays. There is an unique feature of darts which make it available even during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic that darters do not have to be in the same room with their opponent to carry out the match.

Therefore, since the days when every sports activities are locked down, darts plays are still taking place when darters have still been in competition with each other in separated playing rooms and all have been streamed online to the worldwide darts fans.

Fallon Sherrock gave talks on the Radio 1 Newsbeat: “Everyone just wants to carry on playing darts. I definitely do because everyone’s noticing darts at the moment, so you just want to keep it going.” 

The 25-year-old Fallon Sherrock who has recently known as a female darts phenomenon as at the end of 2019, she set a record for the darts history when becoming the first woman to beat a man at the PDC World Championship.

Fallon also revealed that she has recently signed up the MODUS Icons of Darts, which is an online darts tournament. The tournament has been lasting for 2 weeks and streams live for nine hours a day.

Fallon’s new debut will be made next week. However, she has still found it difficult handling and solving technical problems, which took her most of the time to set up and prepare.

Fallens burst into laugh when she confided:”I’ve been rushing to get my internet sorted in time.” 

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”Darts gold” is a special word which was utilized by an England newspaper to describe an interesting sport. This is playing darts in bars, one of the sports which people of all sizes can compete with each other. There even have been suggestions to make ”darts gold” become a competing sport in the Summer Olympic.

Phil Taylor ”power” is one of many English darters who support the idea of turning darts gold into an official competing sports for the Summer Olympic. He make this idea based on the history of competing sports of the Olympic, the history of PDC and even there had been some Chinese darters started to play darts gold.

According to some prestigious England newspapers, darts is one of the most appealing sports in, just standing after football. Nowadays, there have been more than 7 million professional darters, including at least 100.000 darters at the young age. Worldwidely, the government of Netherlands has made a financial supporting measure to help this nation’s darters train free. Therefore, there are many darts superstars whose nationalities are Dutch, such as superstar Jelle Klaasen (the world youngest darts champion at the age of 21 in 2006) or Michael van Gerwen, who is just 19 years old, ranked 3th in the worldwide professional darters list (according to BDO). These 2 darts superstars has “said goodbye to” BDO with the viewing to enlisting PDC, along with the compatriot Vincent van der Voort. They gave the same reason that PDC was more professional, more lucrative with more awards.

Also to prove darts as a prominently competing sports, BDO has evaluated the exact distance between darter and dartboard must be 26 km. However, the minister Richard Caborn said The England Sports Community had not yet to think of darts as an officially competing sports in the near future.

Racing sports

The popular formula of horseracing in the world (Part 1)

Here are the most popular formula of horseracing in the world nowadays.

Equestrian Art (Dressage)

This is a very popular sport for European fans, including most of the basic movements of British Horses in the form of controlling horses in the order of the position specified on the pitch correctly. , neat and spectacular.

Straight horseracing

Thereby, it can be said that the “Dressage” discipline is a technique of “depicting” the objects on the field by manipulating movements and reducing the speed when riding horses.

In addition, in the competition sections, there is a free style (Free Style), which means the horsemen coordinate the pace of the horse along with accompanying music to control the horse to ride freely on the field.

At the current World Cup or Olympic Games, “Dressage” is for teams that compete only in the prescribed format (Grand Prix), but for each individual player, including Grand Prix, Special and Free Style.

Show Jumping

Unlike “Dressage” which only controls horses via step movements, “Show Jumping” is more athletically active with the form of galloping horses and running through obstacles on the yard are the fences. plagued.

Horseracing to overcome obstacles

In addition, “Show Jumping” has an additional feature that is acceptable for players who do not own horses to attend the tournament. In this case, the organizers will loan the player to use.

General Code (Eventing)

As the name implies, this is a section of competition that covers many disciplines taking place in 3 scheduled days: the first day of competition Dressage, the second day of equestrian competitions outside the arena such as ” Endurance Riding, Cross-Country (over long distances to test horse endurance) and the third day of Show Jumping, then rely on the total score of the players to decide the winner .

Horse-drawn horseracing

The event of the “Eventing” was considered the most exciting and attractive racing sports. The schedule on the second day in the challenging conditions of long distance racing, with many obstacles such as tall mounds, trenches or obstacles, etc.

Racing sports

The latest technologies used for bikes in early 2020

As a bike lover’s paradise, there have been so many sports startups in the UK that are related to bikes. However, there is also great bike-related tech invented outside this country. Let’s check out the latest ones as follows.

Smart pedal detection and warning of potential accidents

A Philadelphia-based company called SafeSense, which aims to solve the company’s problem, came with an artificial intelligence alert system. This system will glow and vibrate smartly when there is a risk of an accident.

SafeSense uses the technology of the future to keep cyclists safe. The artificial intelligence system is equipped with tracking and object recognition technology. This technology allows the sensor to filter vehicles on the road and send alerts to drivers. Sensors understand what is at stake and warn accordingly.

The sensor also can learn the driver’s driving style and the environment in which they drive to make accurate alerts. In theory, each driver will receive a warning according to its requirements. SafeSense includes a feature called Smart Record. Thanks to this feature, all threats are recorded in the system. By watching videos from this system, drivers decide whether they are really a threat, and thus artificial intelligence works more effectively.

Bridgestone airless tires

Bridgestone non-inflated tires will be fitted to the bikes for service at the 2020 Olympics before they are put into commercial trucks.

The 200 bikes at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be equipped with airless tires. This is a new product of Bridgestone tire manufacturer with no inflatable gut design, instead of a series of rubber bars arranged in a circle that is resistant and resilient.

Outside is still the tire surface made of rubber with grooves and spikes to grip the road. Meanwhile, the wheels are smaller in diameter than conventional bicycle wheels. These special bikes will be used by 2020 Olympics staff and volunteers to move between work sites.

Compared with traditional tires, non-pneumatic tires have the advantage of not being punctured, steam pressure is not affected by temperature, less local wear, lighter tire weight. At the same time, thanks to the higher durability and better recycling ability, the tire is not slightly expected to help reduce the harmful effects of tires through the environment.

Darts news

“Queen” of darts Fallon Sherrock: Story about a legendary female darter (Part 02)

Waiting for challenges

Appearing in the Good Morning Britain show in the early morning of the 18th, December last year, Sherrock surprisingly bursted into tears.

The way to success and championship of Sherrock has never been easy. Sherrock was born in a family which has the tradition of playing darts. Sherrock’s dad, mom and her 2 twin sisters are all professional darts players, who have taken part in numerous darts champions. However, Sherrock is different from the other members of her family. At the first stage of her life, she did not consider darts as a serious career. A few years ago, Sherrock was an amateur hair stylist in a small hair salon in the hometown, which is Buckinghamshire. At the age of 17, Sherrock started learning darts seriously. Even darts was not her first intention, Sherrock has been fond of darts in the middle of her youth, she still managed to turn herself from an amateur into a professional darter who is highly appreciated. At the knock-out stage of the women darts championship, Sherrock gained the average score of 99,1.

In 2014, Sherrock gave birth to his first son whose name is Rory. After the pregnancy period, she was exposed to kidney disease, which made her face swollen for such a long time. Whenever it comes to plays and competitions, the great competing pressure made the condition become worse. Throughout this period, she had to receive many criticism from social community due to her flaw appearance. “But now, I do not want to take the history into account. Focusing on the presence and these incoming goals are what I’m doing.”, she said. 

Sherrock has earned around 7.500 pounds rewarded after winning the first round and will earn around 15.000 pounds additionally if she continue to win the next round, which is the competition between her and Mensur Suljovic. 

Darts news

“Queen” of darts Fallon Sherrock: Story about a legendary female darter (to be continued)

On the 17th of December, 2019 in Alexandra Palace, Fallon Sherrock shocked every sports fans and experts all over the world. This little girl who was born in 1994 has made the history when becoming the first woman to win the worldwide darts championship (PDC). 

“I was totally speechless and do not know what to say.” Sherrock was too emotional to burst into tears after making the history with the sounding victory. ‘I was truly floated in happiness after successfully proving that women can still make it come true in darts. They can also beat over men. This victory seemed to be unbelievable.”

The sounding victory which made the darts history

Sherrock is one of 2 female darters who took part in PDC this year. Two of them had to take part in the fierce competition with other 94 professional male darters. 3 days before the competition between Sherrock and Ted Evetts, the odds was on Mikuru Suzuki. Used to be the BDO champion in January last year, however, the Japanese female darter was surprisingly beaten over by James Richardson.

The elimination of Suzuki has put more pressure on Sherrock when she had to compete with Ted Evetts. The history of worldwide darts had never witnessed a darts competition in which the female player won over the male one. Last year, the top 1 female darter Lisa Ashton was the loser with the score of 1-2 when she had to compete with Jan Deller. The very first female darter who took part in a worldwide dart competition for both genres, Gayl King came up with a failure since the first round in 2001. 

It was an intense play between Sherrock and Evetts on the crowded Alexandra Palace on that day. The score was close throughout most of darting time and the final score was 3-1 for the new legendary female darter who comes from England.