The German Darts Championship is scheduled to take place at the end of this weekend in Hildesheim. This event will mark the return of European Tour which has been put off for a long time.

However, there have been two players who did not decide to make their returns to this special European Tour. They chose to withdraw from the event at the very last minutes.

Niels Zonneveld and Simon Stevenson are two darts players who have been fully qualified to take part in the champion. However, they made the final decision not to take part in this special occasion because of some personal reasons.

Zonneveld revealed that the reason for him to withdraw from the champion was that he had to take part in the Development Tour instead of playing for Barnsley Metrodome this weekend.

Meanwhile, Simon Stevenson is standing in the fifth position with the top two in the Order of Merit wiht a Tour Card and a World Championship invite. Therefore it is not a good choice for him to shift his focus from this one to another championship.

Meanwhile, European Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open has been set up to take place in October in the traditional way in front of many fans.

After a successful return to action in front of crowds in Austria over the weekend, the PDC has confirmed that two more European Tour events in Germany with the attention of spectators have been under preparation tto satisfy darts lovers.

After 3 nights of competing among darts lovers in Salzburg, Gerwyn Price was the one to be crowned the World Series of Darts Finals champion for the first time. However, everyone is looking forward to the come back of three consecutive nights.


Premier League Darts: The story of the Challengers so far

This year’s season of the Premier League Darts will be kick-offed again on the 25th of August. It will take place in Milton Keynes and being exclusively broadcasted on Sky Sports.

The Premier League is considered to be the biggest roadshow in the darts world. The Premier League has been under many innovations and adopts various changes to refresh itself year by year, for example, the ‘Contenders’ and ‘Challengers’ concept being published last year.

Gary Anderson’s decision to withdraw from the 2019 event has provoked the PDC to adopt new creative solution to attract more spectators. They recently introduced the nine “Contenders’ which is promised to get viral. The concept then has been renewed into the ‘Challengers’ format in 2020.

The tournament will be back soon, however without the participation of spectators at Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena on the 25th of August. There will be Chris Dobey, Jeffrey de Zwaan, and Jermaine Wattimena who take part in the final as the top 3, hoping to create the most impressive performances.

Dobey and De Zwaan were warmly welcomed when they turned up in Newcastle and Rotterdam respectively last year, while Wattimena’s expectation to make a debut at the Ahoy Arena have been fell short of.

The nine ‘Challengers’ which has been chosen for both campaigns gathered different upcoming and present darts stars which are promised to create the most memorable moments. Premier League Darts is one of the most famous and reliable darts tournaments in the world, which came into reality firstly on the 20 of January 2005 on Sky Sports. The league is now broadcasted online and via TV every week from February to May. This show at the first stage is considered as a fortnight fixture for darts lovers to watch. The tournament originally invited seven players per season and now the number of players has been increased to 10 being selectively picked from the PDC circuit.


PDC World Darts Championship final: Michael van Gerwen gained the third world title after beating Michael Smith

World No1 successfully gained his third world title after a 7-3 victory over Michael Smith.

This victory was totally not an outstanding movement of Michael van Gerwen in regard of his darting career as he used to have more outstanding and skillful plays. However, things become less serious after you had already won 2 previous titles. In taking apart the brave but skittish Michael Smith by seven sets to three, he finally gained himself the two-time world champions and took his biggest stride yet down the road to darting greatness.

That van Gerwen is considered to be one of the most endowed player of this generation that we have known for some time. Now, he is actually becoming more popular and stands certain positions in the darts world with the multiple world titles which Gerwen is standing the odds of winning. At this present, Only Phil Taylor (16), Eric Bristow and Raymond van Barneveld (five each) stand higher position in comparison with Gerwen, and as he lifted the Sid Waddell Trophy he smiled happiliy, just like the way a man whose business is still far from finished should do: a self-belief verging on naked arrogance. He does not celebrate his 30th birthday for another few months.

It wasn’t his greatest performance. An average of 102 was modest by his standards. After surpassing his competitor and leading the match with the 4-0 score just after 40 minutes, the doughty Smith pegged him back to 4-2, egged on by a crowd weighted firmly in his favour, who by the end were not merely cheering van Gerwen’s missed doubles but even his single-20s. But really, this was a match that only ever offered the illusion of closeness. Smith – the former world youth champion from St Helens – averaged 95, hit 13 maximums, took out some nice finishes. He was extremely competent. But against van Gerwen, just competence has never been enough for a runner’s-up cheque.



Darts was firstly appeared as a game in small pubs and bars for entertaining people. Nowadays it has became a professional sports which is recognized worldwide and played in different professional tournaments as well as championship. There are 2 players in each round of darts. Each player would take their turns to throw the arrow-shaped medal darts into the dartboard to score points. 

The dartboard is hung at the distance of around 1.73 m away from the players. while at the height of 1.73 m to the centre bullseye. There are 20 sections being divided in total with the scores being ranged representatively from one to 20.

Throughout the dart history, the game started gaining popularity since the year of 1924, the year in which The National Darts Association was founded. At the present, the game has successfully have 50 million players involved and quickly draw more spotlight and gain more popularity. According to recent collected data, darts is most played and developed in the United Kingdom and the United State of America. There are over 17 million people playing darts in US nowadays. However, despite this huge amount of players’ number, it is the United Kingdom and the European Countries that dominated the run of darts’ development.  Apart from these similar names, throughout the years, there have been some nations such as NetherLands, Belgium, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Japan and Russia in which some world’s greatest darters were born. They have been considered as the most successful countries in nurturing and qualifying darters. 

Darts in the United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, the game of darts is developed to become a professional sports and appeals a large number of addictive fans. There are some remarkable names of UK darters who are Rob Cross, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney.