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Darts – Exciting and useful (to be continued)

Darts throwing is a fun and rewarding game. Every year in January, The World Darts Championship will be held continuously for 9 days with live with the spectation of up to tens of thousands of spectators. Millions of others will enjoy it on television.

Up to now, it remains a puzzle in regarding of the actual origin of this sports. The theory is that it comes from the Chinese martial art, which is later lost because the darts fly slower … the bullet and especially not everyone can use it properly.
Westerners know it only as a game that has been popular in Britain since ancient times. At that time, there was no kind of complete dart board as now, but players used a broken tank, had a bottom hole, covered their skin and launched darts into it. This game is popular in pubs for betting and entertainment. Then the Pilgrims brought this pleasure to America.
It was not until 1900 that the game of darts was set to rule. For example, the distance from the stand to the board should be 7 ft. 9 1/4 in. The board’s diameter is 18 in, divided into 20 packs (number 20 is always on top), height from the bull’s eye of the board to the ground is 5 feet 8 in (1 meter 73), air dart is longer than 12 in and does not weigh more than 12 grams.
In this game, it can be said that the dart tree plays the most important role, so it is also very diverse depending on the preferences of the players.