Darts news


The Covid-19 is now making a huge impact on many people’s aspects of life, including sports. Just after a short period of 1 month, there have been a great number of sports events being postponed and have not been planned to come back due to the spread of the coronavirus.

However, it is rarely known to most of people that in some magical corner of the sports world, there have still existed a field where all sports activities are still carrying on as normal without being badly affected by strict social distancing rules.

The sports that we are mentioning here is darts..

Every darters wants to keep playing darts and darts spectators want to keep enjoying professional plays. There is an unique feature of darts which make it available even during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic that darters do not have to be in the same room with their opponent to carry out the match.

Therefore, since the days when every sports activities are locked down, darts plays are still taking place when darters have still been in competition with each other in separated playing rooms and all have been streamed online to the worldwide darts fans.

Fallon Sherrock gave talks on the Radio 1 Newsbeat: “Everyone just wants to carry on playing darts. I definitely do because everyone’s noticing darts at the moment, so you just want to keep it going.” 

The 25-year-old Fallon Sherrock who has recently known as a female darts phenomenon as at the end of 2019, she set a record for the darts history when becoming the first woman to beat a man at the PDC World Championship.

Fallon also revealed that she has recently signed up the MODUS Icons of Darts, which is an online darts tournament. The tournament has been lasting for 2 weeks and streams live for nine hours a day.

Fallon’s new debut will be made next week. However, she has still found it difficult handling and solving technical problems, which took her most of the time to set up and prepare.

Fallens burst into laugh when she confided:”I’ve been rushing to get my internet sorted in time.”