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Rob Cross, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney were listed as the third, fourth and seventh best darters respectively in regarding of their prizes and titles gained throughout the PDC Order of Merit. In the 17th of January 2019, another darter who was Scott Michael succeeded to rank second in regarding of the total points being earned within the BDO World Championship. The team of England at that time impressively became the champion team of the world according to the DDB rankings as it included 8 most excellent players. Having darts being streamed and showed on different TV channels has made darts go viral and catch more spotlight of numerous fans. 

In every year, the UK has the chance to hold at least 2 World Darts Championships which take place around the Christmas time. They are the BDO World Championship and the PDC World Championship which are two of the most prestigious worldwide darts championships. All plays within the PDC events are broadcasted via Sky Sports Television while the BDO is broadcasted through Eurosport. As being widely streamed through TV, darts fans from all over the world still stand the chance to witness all the plays within these 2 tournaments or rewatch them by subscribing the Youtube channels of them, namedly PDCTV.HD. 

As darts is especially thriving in the UK so darters from all over the world can find these top-notch darts betting websites in the UK. There are some best websites which you should give them a try if you are into betting on darts or simply want to gain money via some pots of luck.  

The United States of America

Dartboards as well as sparing the large amount money on playing darts are things that can easily be seen in any bars or pubs in the USA.