Darts was firstly appeared as a game in small pubs and bars for entertaining people. Nowadays it has became a professional sports which is recognized worldwide and played in different professional tournaments as well as championship. There are 2 players in each round of darts. Each player would take their turns to throw the arrow-shaped medal darts into the dartboard to score points. 

The dartboard is hung at the distance of around 1.73 m away from the players. while at the height of 1.73 m to the centre bullseye. There are 20 sections being divided in total with the scores being ranged representatively from one to 20.

Throughout the dart history, the game started gaining popularity since the year of 1924, the year in which The National Darts Association was founded. At the present, the game has successfully have 50 million players involved and quickly draw more spotlight and gain more popularity. According to recent collected data, darts is most played and developed in the United Kingdom and the United State of America. There are over 17 million people playing darts in US nowadays. However, despite this huge amount of players’ number, it is the United Kingdom and the European Countries that dominated the run of darts’ development.  Apart from these similar names, throughout the years, there have been some nations such as NetherLands, Belgium, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Japan and Russia in which some world’s greatest darters were born. They have been considered as the most successful countries in nurturing and qualifying darters. 

Darts in the United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, the game of darts is developed to become a professional sports and appeals a large number of addictive fans. There are some remarkable names of UK darters who are Rob Cross, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney.