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Darts – Exciting and useful (to be continued)

Darts throwing is a fun and rewarding game. Every year in January, The World Darts Championship will be held continuously for 9 days with live with the spectation of up to tens of thousands of spectators. Millions of others will enjoy it on television.

Up to now, it remains a puzzle in regarding of the actual origin of this sports. The theory is that it comes from the Chinese martial art, which is later lost because the darts fly slower … the bullet and especially not everyone can use it properly.
Westerners know it only as a game that has been popular in Britain since ancient times. At that time, there was no kind of complete dart board as now, but players used a broken tank, had a bottom hole, covered their skin and launched darts into it. This game is popular in pubs for betting and entertainment. Then the Pilgrims brought this pleasure to America.
It was not until 1900 that the game of darts was set to rule. For example, the distance from the stand to the board should be 7 ft. 9 1/4 in. The board’s diameter is 18 in, divided into 20 packs (number 20 is always on top), height from the bull’s eye of the board to the ground is 5 feet 8 in (1 meter 73), air dart is longer than 12 in and does not weigh more than 12 grams.
In this game, it can be said that the dart tree plays the most important role, so it is also very diverse depending on the preferences of the players.

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Sherrock – doing charity after winning charity championships

Sherrock is one of two rare women participating in this year’s world darts championship. From mockery, the public crowd quickly went crazy about the young woman. Her talent makes people quickly admit, and her life has changed completely since then. After passing the second round, the invitation to play an advertisement and appear on television was sent back to Sherrock.

But most importantly, the hobby of throwing darts has now become the main source of income, preventing her from having to live on social benefits. Each of her matches now earns her tens of thousands of pounds. Several sponsors are also waiting in line to work with her. In addition, Sherrock is also seen as a pioneer paving the way for women to compete in international men’s darts competitions.
Do charity after winning
After having enough money to cover his son’s hospital fees, Sherrock immediately donated money to the British Association for the Support of Autistic Children. To raise money, she used the dart-throwing plaque from her historic world championship win as an auction. In addition, she also mobilized other celebrities to help her in social work related to autistic children. The amount raised so far has reached several thousand pounds.
“Who says women can’t do it?”
At the moment, Sherrock is only ranked 4th in the list of the world’s top female dart throwing athletes. Therefore, she believes that this sport has a lot of potential for development for women in the future. Her victory proved people’s prejudice against men in darts to be wrong. A few other female athletes have prepared to compete with the men in the next tournaments, through which it is possible to have a female champion in the future.

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Two more events being added to the schedule of PDC European Tour

As the situation of Covid-19 is getting gradually under control, European Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open are on the way of being reopened for October. All of those champions are going to be held within the traditional way with the participation of various spectators. One of the serial events belonging to the PDC has been reopened aheadof the many darts fans and created such a boom for the darts world. Therefore, the organization team of this famous championship made a recent decision to resume more darts events belonging to them.

Three nights of action in Salzburg ended with Gerwyn Price being crowned the planet Series of Darts Finals champion for the primary time, but even as important was the safe and successful return of spectators for 3 consecutive nights. There are quite 1,000 spectators coming to spectate this event and every one of them are fully appraise for the plays that were allowed into stage each evening and therefore the players were filled with praise for the return of an environment. Two other championships which are the ecu Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open were confirmed to resume in October. All of those tournaments are going to be executed ahead of spectators in Germany, which all are going to be strict to all or any relevant safety rules and social distancing regulations. These tournaments will offer the PDC an opportunity to qualify their players with full commitment who will gain enough qualification for European Tour events soon being executed within the year. The European Darts Grand Prix has been decided to require place at the Glaspalast – a museum in Sindelfingen from the 16th to the 18th of October. The tournament will have the participation different players who had qualified for the year’s originally-planned third European Tour event.



The German Darts Championship is scheduled to take place at the end of this weekend in Hildesheim. This event will mark the return of European Tour which has been put off for a long time.

However, there have been two players who did not decide to make their returns to this special European Tour. They chose to withdraw from the event at the very last minutes.

Niels Zonneveld and Simon Stevenson are two darts players who have been fully qualified to take part in the champion. However, they made the final decision not to take part in this special occasion because of some personal reasons.

Zonneveld revealed that the reason for him to withdraw from the champion was that he had to take part in the Development Tour instead of playing for Barnsley Metrodome this weekend.

Meanwhile, Simon Stevenson is standing in the fifth position with the top two in the Order of Merit wiht a Tour Card and a World Championship invite. Therefore it is not a good choice for him to shift his focus from this one to another championship.

Meanwhile, European Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open has been set up to take place in October in the traditional way in front of many fans.

After a successful return to action in front of crowds in Austria over the weekend, the PDC has confirmed that two more European Tour events in Germany with the attention of spectators have been under preparation tto satisfy darts lovers.

After 3 nights of competing among darts lovers in Salzburg, Gerwyn Price was the one to be crowned the World Series of Darts Finals champion for the first time. However, everyone is looking forward to the come back of three consecutive nights.

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After a long period of Milton Keynes dates, Premier League darts make a return after five months and a week

The final results of the Premier League will be defined after six nights of darts at the Marshall Arena.

The 2020 Unibet Premier League will make its return on Tuesday. It will take place at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes after a long period of six months being filled with six straight nights of top-class action.

On Tuesday’s Night Seven, the first Premier League fixtures will take place after the visit to Liverpool on March 12. It was the last PDC event to be held in a traditional way before the whole darts world being suspended and frozen because of the serious effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tournament will soon be kicked off in form of six successive nights being held behind the closed doors from the 25th to 30th of August, and also before the final four nights of the league phase take place from September 2-5 in the race to the Play-Offs, which are set to take place at The O2 in London on October 22.

During this special Night Seven event, Michael Gerwen will come up with Rob Cross in a repeat of the 2019 Premier League final. In the 2019 Premier League, the Dutchman has gained the 11-5 triumph which successfully helped him to earn his fourth successive title and his fifth triumph in the event.

This world number one dart champion is looking to bounce back from the disappointment at the World Matchplay. During this season, he suffered from a shock defeat made by Simon Whitlock in the second round, meanwhile Cross will be hoping to steer himself away from elimination danger.

“Of course it was such a kind of disappointment to lose at the World Matchplay, but sometimes these things can happen in darts,” Van Gerwen shared his viewpoint.


Premier League Darts: The story of the Challengers so far

This year’s season of the Premier League Darts will be kick-offed again on the 25th of August. It will take place in Milton Keynes and being exclusively broadcasted on Sky Sports.

The Premier League is considered to be the biggest roadshow in the darts world. The Premier League has been under many innovations and adopts various changes to refresh itself year by year, for example, the ‘Contenders’ and ‘Challengers’ concept being published last year.

Gary Anderson’s decision to withdraw from the 2019 event has provoked the PDC to adopt new creative solution to attract more spectators. They recently introduced the nine “Contenders’ which is promised to get viral. The concept then has been renewed into the ‘Challengers’ format in 2020.

The tournament will be back soon, however without the participation of spectators at Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena on the 25th of August. There will be Chris Dobey, Jeffrey de Zwaan, and Jermaine Wattimena who take part in the final as the top 3, hoping to create the most impressive performances.

Dobey and De Zwaan were warmly welcomed when they turned up in Newcastle and Rotterdam respectively last year, while Wattimena’s expectation to make a debut at the Ahoy Arena have been fell short of.

The nine ‘Challengers’ which has been chosen for both campaigns gathered different upcoming and present darts stars which are promised to create the most memorable moments. Premier League Darts is one of the most famous and reliable darts tournaments in the world, which came into reality firstly on the 20 of January 2005 on Sky Sports. The league is now broadcasted online and via TV every week from February to May. This show at the first stage is considered as a fortnight fixture for darts lovers to watch. The tournament originally invited seven players per season and now the number of players has been increased to 10 being selectively picked from the PDC circuit.

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PDC Home Tour II: Second phase of online PDC Home Tournament II was officially confirmed

At this time, darts lovers can enjoy the Premier League online every evening during the week. This tournament is now broadcasted lively on Sky Sports. The program has been decided to continue its programs soon on Wednesday, on the 2nd of September.

The PDC has recently announced the comeback of one of the most expected darts tournament, now being broadcasted online. It is the Home Tour II. The tournament has been recently decided to take place from the 31st of August 31 to the 15th of October.

The PDC Home Tour has been largely considered as a story of success during the hard time with a lot of difficulty being caused by coronavirus pandemic. 101 PDC Tour Card Holders has soon been kicked off to execute different competitions inside, behind the closed doors before Nathan Aspinall appeared and attracted various fans as an eventual champion.

Less skilled and lower-ranked PDC Tour Card Holders will be offered a golden chance to challenge themselves in a professional tournament like The PDC Home Tour II. Within some upcoming competing weeks, all competitors will be divided into ten seven-player groups. They will start competing from the 31st of August to the 28th of September.

The top three players who have the most outstanding performances in each group, together with 5 of best fourth-placed players, will together take part in competitions within the 35-player second phase. After this important phase ,the top four in each group and the best fifth-placed player will be chosen to continue their progress in this tournament.

There will be 3 groups taking part in the third phase, which last from the 12nd of October to the 14th of October. After these competitions are finished, the top two from each and the best third-placed player will be given the golden chance to take part in the Championship Group which will take place on Thursday October 15.

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Several betting tips on Premier League Darts betting tips and quick predictions for the comeback of 2020 season

Trying to forecast the final goals and future of any sports fields, especially a dart one seems to be harder and more complex than ever before when the tournament is not executed in a traditional way. There are several easy-to-understand answer to this situation, for example, all bettors need to take under consideration some other things like consistency over a period of 4 months, the ability to maintain physical condition and other essential skills for one match per week. In addition, the ability to transfer and travel among different destinations for attending weekend events in a hectic calendar is also something should be noticed.

On the other hand, the Play-Offs has been quickly pushed to take place as this year’s edition turned out to be a compact sprint. If it had not been for the hard-to-predict process of the dangerous pandemic, the exciting crowd would have had the chance to witness various matches at their climax through bare eyes. These play have previously been scheduled to take place Sunday September 6 at the Marshall Arena. The strict rule to protect the safety of all people has not allow darts fans to spectate plays at the O2 on Thursday October 22.

Under such condition as present, we’ll have the chance to enjoy 10 nights of league action throughout 13 days, however, through the screen of TV, laptops or PC,… This 2020 darts world “staying at home” version in Milton Keynes, if turns out to attract various number of fans and bring back an enormous number of money for production teams, it may come as no surprise for us to have another brand new TV program which features darts plays or an official darts tournament such as the Champions League of Darts.


PDC World Darts Championship final: Michael van Gerwen gained the third world title after beating Michael Smith

World No1 successfully gained his third world title after a 7-3 victory over Michael Smith.

This victory was totally not an outstanding movement of Michael van Gerwen in regard of his darting career as he used to have more outstanding and skillful plays. However, things become less serious after you had already won 2 previous titles. In taking apart the brave but skittish Michael Smith by seven sets to three, he finally gained himself the two-time world champions and took his biggest stride yet down the road to darting greatness.

That van Gerwen is considered to be one of the most endowed player of this generation that we have known for some time. Now, he is actually becoming more popular and stands certain positions in the darts world with the multiple world titles which Gerwen is standing the odds of winning. At this present, Only Phil Taylor (16), Eric Bristow and Raymond van Barneveld (five each) stand higher position in comparison with Gerwen, and as he lifted the Sid Waddell Trophy he smiled happiliy, just like the way a man whose business is still far from finished should do: a self-belief verging on naked arrogance. He does not celebrate his 30th birthday for another few months.

It wasn’t his greatest performance. An average of 102 was modest by his standards. After surpassing his competitor and leading the match with the 4-0 score just after 40 minutes, the doughty Smith pegged him back to 4-2, egged on by a crowd weighted firmly in his favour, who by the end were not merely cheering van Gerwen’s missed doubles but even his single-20s. But really, this was a match that only ever offered the illusion of closeness. Smith – the former world youth champion from St Helens – averaged 95, hit 13 maximums, took out some nice finishes. He was extremely competent. But against van Gerwen, just competence has never been enough for a runner’s-up cheque.

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Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark steps down from the program after 22 years

Being diagnosed with the chronic degenerative condition Parkinson’s for 10 years, Dave Clark declared that he used to want his career with Sky come to a halt, however, still try to pull himself through with this job.

Dave Clark recently decided to step down from Sky Sports coverage. He has announced that he is going to give up the roles as the presenter of Sky Sports’s dart coverage. The experienced broadcaster has fronted Sky Sports’ coverage for almost two decades since succeeding Jeff Stelling in 2002.

This experienced broadcaster has worked for Sky Sports’ coverage during the last two decades after taking over the role of Jeff Stelling in 2002.

Clark was originally a radio broadcaster who covered the Olympics and football’s World Cup, before being part of the original Sky Sports News presentation team.

Former Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark explained his decision to give up his role with the intention to spend more time with his own family while confronting himself with the dangerous Parkinson’s disease.

“Lockdown has given us all a lot of time to think, on occasions too much time, but it’s given me time to sort out my priorities,” Clark shared his viewpoint. “Family comes first. I’m keen to spend more days with my wife and two sons. Time is a real luxury to me that so many have been denied during this difficult period.”

Clark said he hoped to stay broadcasting as long as possible and will try his best to raise awareness and funds for the charity Parkinson’s UK.

“I’m NOT giving up on life, just stopping doing the darts. I intend to keep busy, writing a book Stand Up If You Love The Darts about my time presenting during some of the sport’s greatest years.”