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Wayne Warren confirmed surely not to return his BDO World Championship trophy

Gaining a lot of titles and finally becoming the BDO World Champion Wayne Warren has recently confirmed not hand back his World Championship trophy under any conditions despite the fact that the BDO’s commercial arm is on its way of being bankrupted.

Warren 58 officially became the owner of BDO World Champion for the first time at London’s Indigo at The O2 in January and throughout the 30 year history of this tournament, he was the one to receive the lowest reward.

For the champion reign, Welshman was just rewarded £23,000 for his efforts and a bonus £77,000 reduction on his first prize won by Glen Durrant 12 months before his championship.

Not long ago, Warren used to utilize the word “nightmare” in spite of “dream” to describe this World Championship win and has expressed his disapproval towards the BDO Chairman Des Jacklin.

Last month, the BDO’s commercial branch surprisingly annouced their attention – British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd – to opt for liquidation.

That liquidation is now on its way of being executed soon which almost puts an end to the glorious period lasting 40 years and ceases many historic tournaments such as the World Masters and World Championship.

The end of these prestigious trophies is still remaining as a puzzle, and Warren has insisted on keeping his silverware until he receives enough the amount of money which he feels himself to be deserved with.

On Facebook, Warren wrote: ‘Until I get what’s owed to me, that trophy won’t be going nowhere I can assure you of that.

The wife of the reigning World Masters champion John O’Shea recently made a comment saying that: ‘John will be keeping the World Masters Trophy along with you.’

At the beginning of this month, a new amateur darts organization namedly ‘MAD’ was put into public, which is headed by Junior Darts Corporation Chairman Steve Brown and it has recently been endorsed by the reaction coming from Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld.

MAD is planned to officially be launched in 2021. The tournament will be open to all non-professional players.

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BDO stands for British Darts Championship while PDC stands for Professional Darts Corporation, both of them are international professional darts championships.

Not like other professional sports which the one and only organisation to take on all the responsibilties like rules or revenue of the tournament, professional dart has two main organizations to execute these missions.

Some worldwide darts tournaments belong to the British Darts Championship while the others belongs to the Professional Darts Corporation. Both of them successfully held different seperated tournaments all year round, including of the World Cup Darts Championship. This means that throughout each year, there are 2 worldwide champions at the same time. Theoretically, there is the one and only organization for managing the worldwide darts tournament which is the British Darts Championship. Olly Croft established BDO in 1973 and this organization smoothly kept on its work to be the top one international darts organization until the beginning of the 1990s. This was in 1978 when BDO started hosting the worldwide darts championship for the first time and this event provoked the development and spreading of darts throughout the world.

The number of darts tournaments and championships being streamed via television has increased drammatically, hence, there are more and more darters chose darts to be the professional career throughout the 1970s, however, at the beginning of the 1980s, the popularity of the sport underwent a decrease. Darts started to be visualized with bad images being caricatured with drunk guys smoking, laying on the bar/pub floor. It became a satired story, especiallly with the imfamous picture namely Not the Nine O’Clock News.