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The Summer Series will soon be kicked off in the upcoming Wednesday, thus, the PDC stats man Christopher Kempf has made a quick comperison among top 10 best players who will together compete for the final champion of Players Championship events.

New Tour Card Holders in the PDC is celebrated and offers big chances for darters to take part in and earn big amount of money if they earn titles. The rewarded prizes are £500 and £750 prize respectively the first three – and next two – matches won.

Alll the most talented and skillful players will gather and compete with each other in a semi-final stage. And since this round, all players will be paid for their victories during games.

The darter won the semi-final will be offered the prize of massive money, up to £3,000; while the final winner will be rewarded another £4,000.  Being offered a lot of rewarded money and chances of developing themselves through different competitions, which players will become the most deserved one to have all of them? 

The tournament features the traditional format of the tournament during the floor events where the top eight seeds can not meet each other until the quarter-finals takes place. Therefore, a player such as Michael van Gerwen who failed in the first four rounds would be sad as he will not have the chance to take part in the next rounds.

Even gaining the number one darter position, Van Gerwen still did not make it come true to take part in the quarter-final stage in six of the 17 Players Championship events because he did not make it in 2018.

There are now three players being ranked at the top of the world. They are also the ones who made the most outstanding performances during these final matches. They are now in full mind to gain the most additional winnings by throwing the fewest darts.

Throughout the past two and a half years, Van Gerwen has been the one who scored most points, he suceeded overcoming his own average output, which was 99.72 points per visit by 2.62 points when taking part in a final.

Peter Wright also showed great improvement during the finals (3.00 points above his average in all matches). And to be more dramatic, it is his finals opponents average 99.16 that is taken under consideration.