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Darts – Exciting and useful (to be continued)

Darts throwing is a fun and rewarding game. Every year in January, The World Darts Championship will be held continuously for 9 days with live with the spectation of up to tens of thousands of spectators. Millions of others will enjoy it on television.

Up to now, it remains a puzzle in regarding of the actual origin of this sports. The theory is that it comes from the Chinese martial art, which is later lost because the darts fly slower … the bullet and especially not everyone can use it properly.
Westerners know it only as a game that has been popular in Britain since ancient times. At that time, there was no kind of complete dart board as now, but players used a broken tank, had a bottom hole, covered their skin and launched darts into it. This game is popular in pubs for betting and entertainment. Then the Pilgrims brought this pleasure to America.
It was not until 1900 that the game of darts was set to rule. For example, the distance from the stand to the board should be 7 ft. 9 1/4 in. The board’s diameter is 18 in, divided into 20 packs (number 20 is always on top), height from the bull’s eye of the board to the ground is 5 feet 8 in (1 meter 73), air dart is longer than 12 in and does not weigh more than 12 grams.
In this game, it can be said that the dart tree plays the most important role, so it is also very diverse depending on the preferences of the players.

Darts news

Two more events being added to the schedule of PDC European Tour

As the situation of Covid-19 is getting gradually under control, European Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open are on the way of being reopened for October. All of those champions are going to be held within the traditional way with the participation of various spectators. One of the serial events belonging to the PDC has been reopened aheadof the many darts fans and created such a boom for the darts world. Therefore, the organization team of this famous championship made a recent decision to resume more darts events belonging to them.

Three nights of action in Salzburg ended with Gerwyn Price being crowned the planet Series of Darts Finals champion for the primary time, but even as important was the safe and successful return of spectators for 3 consecutive nights. There are quite 1,000 spectators coming to spectate this event and every one of them are fully appraise for the plays that were allowed into stage each evening and therefore the players were filled with praise for the return of an environment. Two other championships which are the ecu Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open were confirmed to resume in October. All of those tournaments are going to be executed ahead of spectators in Germany, which all are going to be strict to all or any relevant safety rules and social distancing regulations. These tournaments will offer the PDC an opportunity to qualify their players with full commitment who will gain enough qualification for European Tour events soon being executed within the year. The European Darts Grand Prix has been decided to require place at the Glaspalast – a museum in Sindelfingen from the 16th to the 18th of October. The tournament will have the participation different players who had qualified for the year’s originally-planned third European Tour event.

Darts news


Rob Cross, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney were listed as the third, fourth and seventh best darters respectively in regarding of their prizes and titles gained throughout the PDC Order of Merit. In the 17th of January 2019, another darter who was Scott Michael succeeded to rank second in regarding of the total points being earned within the BDO World Championship. The team of England at that time impressively became the champion team of the world according to the DDB rankings as it included 8 most excellent players. Having darts being streamed and showed on different TV channels has made darts go viral and catch more spotlight of numerous fans. 

In every year, the UK has the chance to hold at least 2 World Darts Championships which take place around the Christmas time. They are the BDO World Championship and the PDC World Championship which are two of the most prestigious worldwide darts championships. All plays within the PDC events are broadcasted via Sky Sports Television while the BDO is broadcasted through Eurosport. As being widely streamed through TV, darts fans from all over the world still stand the chance to witness all the plays within these 2 tournaments or rewatch them by subscribing the Youtube channels of them, namedly PDCTV.HD. 

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The United States of America

Dartboards as well as sparing the large amount money on playing darts are things that can easily be seen in any bars or pubs in the USA.