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Big fat darter claimed to depose Ronaldo to become the king of sports

An over-confident dart athlete has recently claimed to surpass Ronaldo to become the greatest figure in Portuguese sports history.

Little description of the “fat guy” Jose De Sousa

Jose De Sousa, 46, is a darter who ranked 59th in the world for Portuguese darts. Playing with not so prominent darting skills and appearing with the sluggish appearance, De Sousa left no impression in the darting field. However, recently, he suddenly became the spotlight of the top media news because of his shocking statement.
As being revealed by De Sousa, his name in his Portuguese homeland is taking off after his participation in a sublimation match within the group stage of the PDC Home Tour (championship throwing indoor darts). The national media even compared him to the football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.
During his highly exciting moment, De Sousa boldly declared that he would become the greatest athlete in Portuguese sports history if he won the tournament: “After each victory, my phone rang constantly, I was getting more and more popular. I believe I can become the greatest athlete in Portuguese history and, by the way, have a better body than Ronaldo.
I really admire legend football stars like Ronaldo, Figo and feel happy when the media call me the Ronaldo of darts. ”
Like many other countries, the Portuguese consider football as a king sport, so soccer stars like Ronaldo have a huge impact on the residents of the Iberian Peninsula nation.