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Looking on the bright side, PDC chief executive Matt Porter looks forward to returning darting tournaments

Matt Porter who is now the chief executive of PDC said: “We’re still hopeful of getting crowds back in during October and November, so at the moment we’ll take each week as it comes.”

He shared during the interview that he as well as other PDC organizers are all looking forward to see crowds gathering in darts tournaments in some incoming months after a long period of being frozen due to Covid-19. In addition, he revealed that Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena would be under PDC’s consideration to host further major tournaments during the next 2020.

Milton Keynes is going to take part in the tournaments as the host of the Match Play this year, after the tournament did not take place as the traditional way, instead of being hold behind closed doors and far away from its spiritual home. In previous years, the Winter Gardens in Blackpool had always been chosen to be the revenue for the PDC’s tournament.

The Marshall Arena was also chosen to be the destination for the comeback of numerous competitive darts at the recent Summer Series given the reason that it was the most possible and safest stadium to provide such a protected environment for players as well as organizers.

The PDC also revealed detailed information about 6 consecutive nights last week, which will be held at the Marshall Arena without the participation of spectators from the 25th to 30th of August.

A few days later, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried different ways to soon bring back sports fans to stadiums in case that Covid-19 is getting more under control.

The Prime Minister said trials would begin to see whether larger crowds in sports’ stadiums would pave the way for the spreading of Covid-19 or not. They might be kicked off from August, despite the fact that Porter explained why this move may have come too soon for certain Premier League nights.

Darts news


The idea that being withdrawn from the tournament because of poor wifi connection, which only happened in Esports previously, nowadays, has also appeared on the traditional ones while they are turned into visual tournaments due to Covid-19.

The first one who had to experience this weird, unpleasing and terrible experience is Gary Anderson, the darter who used to earn 2 world championship titles in darting. He was considered to be the top 1 candidate for being the champion of this year tournament, however, Gary recently decided to withdraw from the tournament because of… his unstable wifi connection.

Daryl Gurney, another greatly experienced player in the international darting field who is as renowned as Anderson, also just announced to not take part in the PDC tournament this year with the same reason. 

“I really want to take part in the tournament, however, it seems to be impossible at this point. After 1 simple test organized recently, my private wifi connection was not strong and well-qualified enough for the competition.” Anderson shared on his Twitter account. “Actually, this did not really surprise me. I even could not pay all the online bills of myself.”

According to Anderson, the internet on his house is really unstable and has unbelievably low speed (around 4,7 Mbps), even though he is now living in the center of London, while the average speed of good wifi connection must be 27,35 Mbps.

PDC is the first international tournament being held online. During the outbreak and large spreading of Covid-19, PDC Organization Department claimed that this may actually a good time for applying many technical achievement into this kind of sports. Every competing rules of the virtual PDC tournament are maintained as the traditional tournament.