Darts news


”Darts gold” is a special word which was utilized by an England newspaper to describe an interesting sport. This is playing darts in bars, one of the sports which people of all sizes can compete with each other. There even have been suggestions to make ”darts gold” become a competing sport in the Summer Olympic.

Phil Taylor ”power” is one of many English darters who support the idea of turning darts gold into an official competing sports for the Summer Olympic. He make this idea based on the history of competing sports of the Olympic, the history of PDC and even there had been some Chinese darters started to play darts gold.

According to some prestigious England newspapers, darts is one of the most appealing sports in, just standing after football. Nowadays, there have been more than 7 million professional darters, including at least 100.000 darters at the young age. Worldwidely, the government of Netherlands has made a financial supporting measure to help this nation’s darters train free. Therefore, there are many darts superstars whose nationalities are Dutch, such as superstar Jelle Klaasen (the world youngest darts champion at the age of 21 in 2006) or Michael van Gerwen, who is just 19 years old, ranked 3th in the worldwide professional darters list (according to BDO). These 2 darts superstars has “said goodbye to” BDO with the viewing to enlisting PDC, along with the compatriot Vincent van der Voort. They gave the same reason that PDC was more professional, more lucrative with more awards.

Also to prove darts as a prominently competing sports, BDO has evaluated the exact distance between darter and dartboard must be 26 km. However, the minister Richard Caborn said The England Sports Community had not yet to think of darts as an officially competing sports in the near future.