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 For his sake, she will soften her career in porn. Mikaela Spielberg will only be filming solo.

The 23-year-old adopted daughter of director Steven Spielberg, Michaela, is set to pursue a career in the porn business.

According to The Sun, Michaela has already posted several videos on Pornhub, but later deleted them: the girl wants to get a sex worker’s license first, so that everything is “as legal as possible.”

At the same time, Michaela noted that she would only shoot solo videos so as not to upset her boyfriend, a professional darts player Chuck Pankov. He currently participates in the British Darts Organization tournaments.

The daughter of the great director explained her desire to act in porn as follows: “I chose this path not because I want to annoy or offend someone. I want to pay homage to my body and make it bring me money. “

The British Darts Organization is one of two darts organizations in the UK (along with the Professional Darts Corporation).

Each organization holds its own world championship – this happened as a result of a split in darts that occurred in the early 1990s.

Steven Spielberg is the director of the popular films Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park and others.

Englishwoman Fallon Sherrock, who became a sensation at the World Darts Championship, took part in the exhibition tournament – Celebrity Darts World Cup.

The famous Italian ex-footballer Luca Toni, a striker who played for Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, Palermo and several other clubs, played together with Fallon. In addition, Luca became the world champion in the Italian national team.

Sherrock and Tony went through the first round and then were eliminated by a pair of Michael van Gerwen (he is the number one ranking in world darts) and the famous German handball player Pascal Hens. It was Van Gerwen and Hens who won the Celebrity Darts World Cup.

Scotsman Peter Wright became the winner of the 2020 World Darts Championship. In the final, he beat Van Gerwen 7-3.

The winner of the World Championship received a prize of 500 thousand pounds, the finalist – 200 thousand.