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World Cup 2020 DARTS: a lady DESTROYED MEN FOR the primary time – FALLON SHERROK

Such equality of the sexes, as at the planet Darts Championship, is welcome to everyone.Darts may be a nostalgic and pleasant phenomenon: within the 00s, 7TV gave us unforgettable emotions from this easy and understandable sport. “HUNDRED EIGHTY POINTS” – does one remember this gorgeous exclamation?

At that point, Phil Taylor, nicknamed the facility, was lighting the car. He destroyed everyone and everything to the delight of British fans and won 14 world titles. But within the 2018 World Cup final, he smashed into tour rookie Rob Cross and ended his career. subsequent major tournament of the year has already begun another milestone in history – without Phil, but with girls: The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) for the primary time allowed women to enter the planet Cup on a permanent basis. Now two girls can compete at the PDC Main Event of the Year.For all previous events, only two darts players played with the men: back in 2001, Gail King flew in within the first round and deserved to vary her surname to Queen, and in 2009 Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova got her wild card – an equivalent drain within the first round without much chance. Last year, an equivalent Dobromyslova and Lisa Ashton showed up as official qualifiers, who got their pockets within the first round and visited train further.The 2020 World Cup provided us with two other heroines: Japanese Mikuru Suzuki and English Fallon Sherrock. the primary bit with James Richardson, but lost 2-3 within the series up to three sets. But Fallon Sherrock is already a phenomenon.Or fenovumen – is it now accepted? generally, a legend. The 26-year-old girl took and from the very first time banged as many as two men ahead of the large audience of the Alexandra Palace Center in London. The fans who came on the day of Fallon’s first match just exploded after the last double 18 from British and gave the planetone among the brightest reactions of the year. this type of return can only be obtained if you cover 501 points in 9 darts. Or if you’rea lady and make history. Enjoy.