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Looking on the bright side, PDC chief executive Matt Porter looks forward to returning darting tournaments

Matt Porter who is now the chief executive of PDC said: “We’re still hopeful of getting crowds back in during October and November, so at the moment we’ll take each week as it comes.”

He shared during the interview that he as well as other PDC organizers are all looking forward to see crowds gathering in darts tournaments in some incoming months after a long period of being frozen due to Covid-19. In addition, he revealed that Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena would be under PDC’s consideration to host further major tournaments during the next 2020.

Milton Keynes is going to take part in the tournaments as the host of the Match Play this year, after the tournament did not take place as the traditional way, instead of being hold behind closed doors and far away from its spiritual home. In previous years, the Winter Gardens in Blackpool had always been chosen to be the revenue for the PDC’s tournament.

The Marshall Arena was also chosen to be the destination for the comeback of numerous competitive darts at the recent Summer Series given the reason that it was the most possible and safest stadium to provide such a protected environment for players as well as organizers.

The PDC also revealed detailed information about 6 consecutive nights last week, which will be held at the Marshall Arena without the participation of spectators from the 25th to 30th of August.

A few days later, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried different ways to soon bring back sports fans to stadiums in case that Covid-19 is getting more under control.

The Prime Minister said trials would begin to see whether larger crowds in sports’ stadiums would pave the way for the spreading of Covid-19 or not. They might be kicked off from August, despite the fact that Porter explained why this move may have come too soon for certain Premier League nights.

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Darts News: PDC confirms to held five events behind the closed doors from the 8th to 12th of July

Recently, PDC confirmed to held five behind-closed-doors events, which will take place from the 8th to 12th of July.

The first event, Summer Series will take place without the presence of spectators in Milton Keynes at the Marshall Arena, while the other event -the UK Government quarantine policy is held subjectively on overseas for visitors.

PDC chairman Barry Hearn showed his great welcome to the come-back of competitive darts after a long period of being frozen when he revealed the important information about the return of five one-day events from the 8th to 12th of July to The Darts Show podcast.

The sport has quickly flourished during the lockdown as the innovative online darts are quite successful in appealing people, despite the fact that in an exclusive interview with the Darts Show podcast, Hearn confirmed that the sport will return as the traditional form with the presence of spectators in next month, firstly with the World Matchplay.

One week after the PDC confirmed that the World Matchplay would take place on July 18-26 as originally scheduled – despite the fact that they have not chosen any certain revenue – five one-day events will take place at Milton Keynes’ Marshall Arena on July 8-12.

All 128 Tour Card Holders will be given the chance to compete in five one-day Players Championship events held secrectively without the presence of spectators in Milton Keynes.

2020 Players Championship events offer different amount of rewarding money, prize money will be at approxiamately £75,000 per event, with all winnings counting towards the relevant PDC Orders of Merit.

Because of the fact that during the quarantine time, some restrictions have made it impossible for worldwide players to come to and spectate the events, the PDC will release a new schedule of non-ranked events for the same dates.

All plays as well as activities need to stay strict to all regulations in terms of Covid-19.

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BDO stands for British Darts Championship while PDC stands for Professional Darts Corporation, both of them are international professional darts championships.

Not like other professional sports which the one and only organisation to take on all the responsibilties like rules or revenue of the tournament, professional dart has two main organizations to execute these missions.

Some worldwide darts tournaments belong to the British Darts Championship while the others belongs to the Professional Darts Corporation. Both of them successfully held different seperated tournaments all year round, including of the World Cup Darts Championship. This means that throughout each year, there are 2 worldwide champions at the same time. Theoretically, there is the one and only organization for managing the worldwide darts tournament which is the British Darts Championship. Olly Croft established BDO in 1973 and this organization smoothly kept on its work to be the top one international darts organization until the beginning of the 1990s. This was in 1978 when BDO started hosting the worldwide darts championship for the first time and this event provoked the development and spreading of darts throughout the world.

The number of darts tournaments and championships being streamed via television has increased drammatically, hence, there are more and more darters chose darts to be the professional career throughout the 1970s, however, at the beginning of the 1980s, the popularity of the sport underwent a decrease. Darts started to be visualized with bad images being caricatured with drunk guys smoking, laying on the bar/pub floor. It became a satired story, especiallly with the imfamous picture namely Not the Nine O’Clock News.

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Jamie Lewis impressively became the winner in the first team round of PDC Home Tour in the recent Friday. This Wales darter was the first one in the tournament to successfully defeat the current worldwide darter champions Peter Wright and Niels Zonneveld, and also the first one who is qualified enough to take part in the second stage of this online virtual darting tournament.

Lewis came up with a failure when facing Zonneveld with the score of 3-5 in the first round, however, he soon succeeded in pulling himself together to quickly defeated Wright with the score of 5-1 and to Peter Jacques with the score of 5-4. He ended up just like Wright – Scot won over Jacques (5-4) and Zonneveld (5-1), however, Lewis has better point balance.

The opening night did not turn out to be great. To connect the players, many webcams were set up to record every movement of the darts, however, sometimes, it was hard to figure out where the dart came to and from as it was totally on screen. It was obviously that sometimes the results were depended on the report of players.

During the competition between Wright-Lewis and Zonneveld-Wright, the connection was even interrupted and totally lost in a few minutes. All went black before the webcams were reset.

The final result of Group 1

  • 1. Jamie Lewis 3-4 (+3)
  • 2. Peter Wright 3-4 (+1)
  • 3. Peter Jacques 3-2 (+1)
  • 4. Niels Zonneveld 3-2 (-5)

Will Wright still be on the tournament?

Wright might not be expelled from Home Tour as a replacement during the outbreak of coronavirus. He can come back with darting tournaments in a few weeks ahead, as it was not right that all 128 players had signed up with PDC.