Basics about darts

Learn about the professional dart board in dart throwing

This type of dartboard is designed with 2 launchers, each surface is equivalent to a different scoring method.

Thickness of about 1.5cm, solid with wooden conductor and very sensitive to darts because the board is covered with a layer of sisal outside. The details are very clear and prominent. International standard 18 inch diameter equivalent to 45cm.

The grating plate helps to divide up the scoring cells, avoiding controversy when you hit between the lines of 10 and 20 points.

Iron-dart darts, the tail is made of thin and light leaves similar to the feathers on the arrows to help darts fly in a straight line, increasing accuracy. A dart board comes with 6 darts to split into 2 different colors for 2 teams.

Here’s how to calculate the score. As mentioned above, the dart board consists of 2 sides with 2 different target provinces.

On the face of the concentric black and white circles, it is easy to know how to calculate the points, the more you dart the closer the center of the score will be, the more you hit the circle will get the corresponding number of points recorded on the round.

Ok, so you guys know how to calculate points. Now let’s learn how to make the most accurate dart launcher.

Holding a dart

The dart fits neatly in the palm of the hand with 4 fingers straightened out, the thumb holds the dart in a fixed position. The tip may point toward the tip of the finger or turn toward the wrist.

If aiming at the target close by, we let the pointed nose stick out of the fingertips a lot and vice versa, we hold the dart with a low tip when we want to throw away.

Above are the basic information about professional dartboard. Hopefully, the article is useful for you when choosing a suitable dartboard.