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“Queen” of darts Fallon Sherrock: Story about a legendary female darter (to be continued)

On the 17th of December, 2019 in Alexandra Palace, Fallon Sherrock shocked every sports fans and experts all over the world. This little girl who was born in 1994 has made the history when becoming the first woman to win the worldwide darts championship (PDC). 

“I was totally speechless and do not know what to say.” Sherrock was too emotional to burst into tears after making the history with the sounding victory. ‘I was truly floated in happiness after successfully proving that women can still make it come true in darts. They can also beat over men. This victory seemed to be unbelievable.”

The sounding victory which made the darts history

Sherrock is one of 2 female darters who took part in PDC this year. Two of them had to take part in the fierce competition with other 94 professional male darters. 3 days before the competition between Sherrock and Ted Evetts, the odds was on Mikuru Suzuki. Used to be the BDO champion in January last year, however, the Japanese female darter was surprisingly beaten over by James Richardson.

The elimination of Suzuki has put more pressure on Sherrock when she had to compete with Ted Evetts. The history of worldwide darts had never witnessed a darts competition in which the female player won over the male one. Last year, the top 1 female darter Lisa Ashton was the loser with the score of 1-2 when she had to compete with Jan Deller. The very first female darter who took part in a worldwide dart competition for both genres, Gayl King came up with a failure since the first round in 2001. 

It was an intense play between Sherrock and Evetts on the crowded Alexandra Palace on that day. The score was close throughout most of darting time and the final score was 3-1 for the new legendary female darter who comes from England.