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In 2016, “King of Darts” Michael Van Gerwen set a super record

King of dart hit hit: Super record “challenge humanity”.
(Sports news) In 2016, “King of Darts” Michael Van Gerwen set a super record. In the 2016 Premier League match against Michael Smith, Gerwen scored an average score of 123.40. This is the highest score of a televised dart match in history. The throws of the current number 1 athlete in the world make opponents and spectators admire.

It was known that it was difficult to score such a high average score, and furthermore since it was a game, pitchers were only focused on defeating their opponents rather than setting records.
The general format of darts is as follows: each hand throws 501 points and will be subtracted until the first one wins.
Each round has 3 gallows and the highest score that can be scored is 60 / turn. It turns out that pitchers can score up to 180 points in a single round. But this is not easy, because just throw a shot, next to 60 will be very low score squares like 1, 3, 5, 15, 20 …
Terrible “King of darts”: Lower hundreds of masters to dominate the galaxy
At the beginning of 2019, “The King of Darts” Michael van Gerwen showed absolute strength.
The current dart board is not really optimal
According to Kendall, the dart board is currently quite beneficial for amateurs, he suggests another arrangement: 20, 1, 19, 3, 17, 5, 15, 7, 13, 9, 11, 10, 12, 8, 14, 6, 16, 4, 18, 2.
This arrangement will maximize the tradeoffs when targeting large numbers. For example, targeting 19 now might fall at 1 or 3.