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Things to know about the history of horse racing in the world

Horse racing is a sport that has existed for centuries. Roman horse racing was the first form of horse racing in the world. Nowadays, horse racing games are often associated with betting games of chance that people often call betting horse racing.


According to the document, before Equestrian was considered a sport, it appeared about 5,000 years ago. Warriors use horses to move in battle called cavalry.

Wild horses are domesticated and trained in a special way, can follow the orders of the cavalry and help them win.

In the 19th century, the British “sports” the subject “Horse Control” but the first competition was held in Ireland. After that, it was officially put into the Olympic Paris in 1900. At that time Equestrian had 3 competition contents including horse jumping, high jump and long jump.

The two consecutive Olympics in 1904 and 1908 did not organize this nascent sport, but came back to the 1912 Olympics, with 4 contents and maintained this sport to this day.

Currently, the content of competition in Equestrian has been stable at 6 with individual jumping, teammates, individual cross-country, teammates, performing arts on individual horse and teammates.

With the Asian Games, Equestrian made its debut in 1982 in Dehli, India. After that, Equestrian was not held at the Asian Games 10 and 11, then returned to the Asian Games 12 in Hiroshima in 1994, Bangkok 1998, Busan 2002 and Doha 2006.

The scoring method of this sport is also quite complicated, but can be summed up as follows.

Committing an error with 2 points deducted; 2 points for penalties are deducted 4 points and the third offenses will be excluded from the competition.