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PDC Home Tour II: Second phase of online PDC Home Tournament II was officially confirmed

At this time, darts lovers can enjoy the Premier League online every evening during the week. This tournament is now broadcasted lively on Sky Sports. The program has been decided to continue its programs soon on Wednesday, on the 2nd of September.

The PDC has recently announced the comeback of one of the most expected darts tournament, now being broadcasted online. It is the Home Tour II. The tournament has been recently decided to take place from the 31st of August 31 to the 15th of October.

The PDC Home Tour has been largely considered as a story of success during the hard time with a lot of difficulty being caused by coronavirus pandemic. 101 PDC Tour Card Holders has soon been kicked off to execute different competitions inside, behind the closed doors before Nathan Aspinall appeared and attracted various fans as an eventual champion.

Less skilled and lower-ranked PDC Tour Card Holders will be offered a golden chance to challenge themselves in a professional tournament like The PDC Home Tour II. Within some upcoming competing weeks, all competitors will be divided into ten seven-player groups. They will start competing from the 31st of August to the 28th of September.

The top three players who have the most outstanding performances in each group, together with 5 of best fourth-placed players, will together take part in competitions within the 35-player second phase. After this important phase ,the top four in each group and the best fifth-placed player will be chosen to continue their progress in this tournament.

There will be 3 groups taking part in the third phase, which last from the 12nd of October to the 14th of October. After these competitions are finished, the top two from each and the best third-placed player will be given the golden chance to take part in the Championship Group which will take place on Thursday October 15.