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Sherrock – doing charity after winning charity championships

Sherrock is one of two rare women participating in this year’s world darts championship. From mockery, the public crowd quickly went crazy about the young woman. Her talent makes people quickly admit, and her life has changed completely since then. After passing the second round, the invitation to play an advertisement and appear on television was sent back to Sherrock.

But most importantly, the hobby of throwing darts has now become the main source of income, preventing her from having to live on social benefits. Each of her matches now earns her tens of thousands of pounds. Several sponsors are also waiting in line to work with her. In addition, Sherrock is also seen as a pioneer paving the way for women to compete in international men’s darts competitions.
Do charity after winning
After having enough money to cover his son’s hospital fees, Sherrock immediately donated money to the British Association for the Support of Autistic Children. To raise money, she used the dart-throwing plaque from her historic world championship win as an auction. In addition, she also mobilized other celebrities to help her in social work related to autistic children. The amount raised so far has reached several thousand pounds.
“Who says women can’t do it?”
At the moment, Sherrock is only ranked 4th in the list of the world’s top female dart throwing athletes. Therefore, she believes that this sport has a lot of potential for development for women in the future. Her victory proved people’s prejudice against men in darts to be wrong. A few other female athletes have prepared to compete with the men in the next tournaments, through which it is possible to have a female champion in the future.