The German Darts Championship is scheduled to take place at the end of this weekend in Hildesheim. This event will mark the return of European Tour which has been put off for a long time.

However, there have been two players who did not decide to make their returns to this special European Tour. They chose to withdraw from the event at the very last minutes.

Niels Zonneveld and Simon Stevenson are two darts players who have been fully qualified to take part in the champion. However, they made the final decision not to take part in this special occasion because of some personal reasons.

Zonneveld revealed that the reason for him to withdraw from the champion was that he had to take part in the Development Tour instead of playing for Barnsley Metrodome this weekend.

Meanwhile, Simon Stevenson is standing in the fifth position with the top two in the Order of Merit wiht a Tour Card and a World Championship invite. Therefore it is not a good choice for him to shift his focus from this one to another championship.

Meanwhile, European Darts Grand Prix and International Darts Open has been set up to take place in October in the traditional way in front of many fans.

After a successful return to action in front of crowds in Austria over the weekend, the PDC has confirmed that two more European Tour events in Germany with the attention of spectators have been under preparation tto satisfy darts lovers.

After 3 nights of competing among darts lovers in Salzburg, Gerwyn Price was the one to be crowned the World Series of Darts Finals champion for the first time. However, everyone is looking forward to the come back of three consecutive nights.